Buyers's Guide

  We specially design packages as per your home project journey.

  • Silver Package : 

    This package contains all the information to understand the  overall design of the house. Also, help you gauge building costs and check on your site feasibility, primarily set up for bank loans' approvals.

  • Gold Package:

    This set gives allowance to get quotes, deciding contractors. You can also start developing the site with the help of drawings & information provided in the package.

  • Platinum Package:

    This is the perfect set that gives you complete information to set a plan of action before starting the work. It will help prevent delays at the site & unplanned cost addition to the project. We recommend this package who wants to build their house without compromise.

  • Customisation Changes: 

    If you wish to accommodate changes in the existing product, kindly opt for additional customisation before purchase. Our team will connect to share you with a request form.

  • We only allow

    5% of the Design area to be altered, shifting or closing doors and windows.

  • We do not allow

    addition or deletion of the floor, room, basement, or major do-overs that will compromise the product's design value. If you wish for robust alteration, please opt for our Customised Home Design.