Architects Guide to Home Design Plans for home-owners

Whether you are building a large duplex on a 40 x 60 plot or a compact single-floor home on 20 x 30, the challenges one faces can be overwhelming, especially for a non-pro. 

There are at least 20 vendors that do different things and 10 other permit systems to clear along with financing the project so everything can run on time smoothly without delay. 

It is not for the faint heart, nor a one-person job. In this article, we hope to demystify misconceptions and unburden you of the stress one may carry during such a project.


Let's start with three fundamentals : 

1.Purpose, eliminate every thought in your mind and understand why you want to start this project and what you want to achieve at the end of it. 


Some examples like: I want a retirement home that is easy to maintain,

I want a home that generates rent or a home office. These are some of the great examples. 

Pro Tip: Keep it simple and short, write it down and never forget or divert from it.

2.How much can I invest: many people, because of lack of knowledge, do not set clear boundaries and try to work backwards, wondering what can I get for X sum of money, why not this or that.


Trust us; it is a tunnel with no end in sight. Get a professional's opinion. It is much more realistic and helps you draw correct expectations. Budget is not absolute, it is subjective and will vary based on the life position you are at, so pay attention.

Some examples: Say if you want a home office, you must factor in the cost of business and the house. Offices tend to be more expensive to set up as they require sophisticated electrical, and communication services and occupy dedicated space. 

3.How much time and effort am I personally ready to commit to it, this is an exciting question one is not prepared to answer, but mid-way through the process, you find out the journey is not worth it and feel disappointed.


This is where the quality of professional help you hire will be a determining factor in your home design; the process of work, method of communication and overall competence in the craft will either make your journey a cakewalk or a nightmare. 

Getting a professionally designed home plan with a technical blueprint is an excellent start. Learn more about Home Design Blueprints by clicking here. This is like getting a treasure map before the actual hunt begins. You get a complete overview of the challenge by getting a full set of drawings and a home plan design. The pictures will help you get quotes on various work and estimate material and timeline. 

Then it is a matter of phasing, where you can decide to start the project with preparedness and the correct mindset based on your life stage. Nothing is more dangerous for a home design project than an unprepared project owner.

To Summarize, Start with a clear plan, have it written down, draw a budget- speak to a few professionals and finally get a complete set of blueprints for your home design.

If you are still looking for home planner to plan a 2 bedroom house plan in an Indian style or 20 by 40 home design plans, you can connect with our design experts by clicking here. You can also share an aspect of the project that you need help with in the comments section below, and our home design community will be happy to guide you on it.


We will be happy to help.

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