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Welcome to India's most convenient online Architectural platform for home owners.

Helping homeowners to decide what they truly need, is the biggest challenge many fail to overcome, resulting in lots of time and money wasted in changes and renovations.

Ongrid Design enables homeowners to take control of their dream home with personalised plans at affordable prices.

A small investment towards a Comfortable Future in a Beautiful Home. 

Finding the right people has always been a challenge to help us with projects that require skill, time and effort. Now, after the pandemic, it has become an even more significant challenge,

There is less time to meet and greet people, we all want to stay safe and indoors, and the internet has become a big part of our lives, from choosing our favourite ice cream to buying gifts. But some things are still done in the old school manner, like building a home. It is big, expensive, and takes a lot of effort and time. Let’s find out how Seema and Abhishek innovated this traditional space to make this easier, fast and affordable.

Ongrid Design is a Team of Professionals all experienced in delivering Residential design solutions to homeowners by leveraging the power of the Internet. The online engagement allows them to transfer quality and essential information about design and planning in tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune to Individual homeowners in towns like Yavatmal and Sangli. 

This digital connection ensures that our clients have access to world-class design solutions and planning information that traditionally would be impossible to access without spending hours in travel and search.

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Ongrid Design has helped over 100 family owners in Maharashtra with the designs and planning of their dream home. It has allowed these families to build their dream home without sacrificing and depend on unskilled labour and contractors. The design comes in various ranges, from cute 1bhk simple single floor homes to ambitious 6 bedroom, 3 storey joint family homes.

founder's story

Our Co-Founder, Seema has had an exciting journey in her field of design and architecture. Brought up in a family of educated doctors, charted accountants and teachers,

She began her field experience in cities like Mumbai and Pune, where she dabbled her feet in a complex range of projects. From 10,000 sqft of Cafeteria to Fine Dine Specialty Restaurants. From 2000 sqft of HNI residential projects with state of the art design and aesthetics. And 30,000 sqft of Premium Realestate development in Mixed-Use Commercial Hubs.

As some personal highlights, she has been awarded Accolades and invited to Guest Lectures at our prestigious colleges of Architecture in Pune

founder's story

Our next Co-Founder, Abhishek comes from the city of temples, Bhubaneshwar and has completed his initial education from Ooty and Architecture studies from the City of Garden, Chandigarh.

Forming strong principals and inspiration in the field of design from the great pioneer Le Corbusier. Moving to the western busyness of Mumbai and Pune to execute their learned skill of Architecture into Applied Skill.

More involved in product marketing, he truely understood the importance of healthy living with design, often the most neglected concept in our households.

Problems we hope to solve

Traditionally, a land owner with a desire to build a home will go to a local contractor and discuss his project. The contractor will assure them that it is an easy task and the work can begin right away. What seemed a harmless conversation, will soon turn into nightmare for this family the moment they start. Why?

Because, they have not seen their home yet, it is all in words and there is no visual guide. 

But the pictures you see with the contractor makes no sense, because they do not reflect your dream or fit your plot size.

Then the work begins on site and you realise the ground hits hard rock before reaching your planned depth for a underground water tank or septic tank.

Now the costs ramp up. Your contractor suggest changes but that comes at a cost of your front gate width.

You cannot stop the work because the monsoon is headed your war and the loan emi’s are raking up every month.

Now your dream home has turned into your worst nightmare. What to do ?

how we do it

Deep Breath! 

Fist step of doing things is planning things.

Second hiring experts in their field that have the knowledge to guide you.

Third Reflecting on your plan and using it as guide when things seem uncertain.

Forth eliminating dependency on a single source of service.

An architects designs and plans, that is what they are experts at.

A contactor builds on plans provided to them they are good with managing unskilled workers and sourcing material for your project.

Mixing both the responsibilities for your project is a recipe for assured disaster. 

Now, sit back and relax, with Ongrid our expert home designers and architects connect with you and understand your needs, your projects feasibility, scale and promote the best strategy that will have the most optimum outcome.

Since you will have the plan and visuals, now that sets you up in control of your dream home project. It also helps your contractors get accurate estimates to build the home. Much before you have sunk your life savings into it.

Your Dream Home is a Click Away