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Happy Customers

Their team is very experienced in handling technical challenges and guiding the entire process of construction

with 3D visualization.

Chopada Family ( Maharashtra )

We are very skeptical of online services, but we needed to start build our home before the monsoons. Fortunately their services were on time and reliable. Great team and Support.

Dr.Atul Gupta ( Maharahtra )

Needed a farm house to be designed but currently with covid had a difficulty finding services that could help us. Ongrid was very fast in their delivery and their services very affordable.

Bhushan Surana ( Maharashtra )

Redesigned my house with modern open planning.

They have a very informative design library which is very much in trend.

Saurav Mohanty ( Mumbai )

Beautiful presentation and visualisation of designs. Loved their catalog. My only disappointment there are only 30 styles.

Wishing you guys the best, very responsive.

Kishor Jena ( Jharkhand )

Discovered them online. They were very helpful as our project was partly done and we needed changes to be accommodated. We received the drawings in 2 weeks that were clear and informative.

Rajendra Behera ( Odisha )

Reviwed Products

It's simpler than you think


Choose House Plan

Browse our exclusive & unique home plans collection with plans & 3D realistic views.

Customize everything as per your need

Separate customization page with control over your space. Select package, storeys, every room & much more.

Visualise your home

After customization, 3D realistic views that help you know your house better before construction.

Quick and Accurate way to Create Faster!

Start construction in less than 4 weeks based on plans, elevations and drawings

The Ongrid Edge

  Ongrid Experience Typical experience¹


  • No hidden costs
  • Price Match Guarantee²
  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • One-stop shop for all design needs
  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Personalised designs with 3D visuals
  • Cookie-cutter designs with 2D visuals


  • 28-day ready to build
  • Regular updates with project tracking
  • Unreliable timelines"
  • "No communication on updates/ delays


  • Certified Architects
  • 80 Documented Checks
  • 100% in-house team
  • Inferior design strategy used to cut costs
  • No quality checks
  • Outsourced to small contractors


  • 100% Working Design on Site
  • India’s first & only on-site service consultancy
  • No promise offered for services


  • Dedicated team for prompt response & support
  • No after-sales support

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Why Buy House Plans Online From Us?

We offer comprehensive design solutions for house building, remodeling and custom homes. The packages are offered at 4 packages to allow you to only pay for services you require.
What you see is what you get
We always prepare our designs with a detailed and informative house plan, an Elevation and 3D views to explain the details of design. It protects you from buying into half informative architectural concepts.
100% Money Back
We believe there is no perfect plan for any house, but there is always a personalized custom house plan that meets your needs. When we work on your house plan, if we ever end up missing our promise to accommodate your design. You get your money bak!
Award Winning Experts
We live for making beautiful homes and with that have developed over 15+ years of design expertise in Residential developments. When you choose us, we will ensure you get our finest experts guiding you to your success.
You get to Choose
The biggest advantage of an online home plan collection is it offers you an amazing variety of house styles, at different budgets and sizes. With minor modifications these home plans can perfectly fit your plot.
Only Certified Professionals
A typical home has on 50 points of failure in the concept level, it goes to 100 plus in the working drawing level. To protect you from getting sub-standard guidance. All our team members are certified Architects by the Council of Architecture, Govt. of India. We follow NBC -2016 Build Guide.