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Ongrid is Pune based leading online Architecture and Interior Design Firm. Manage home projects with our suite of home designing services remotely.

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Discover how you can use Ongrid’s Online Design solution for your home projects

Unlock Design Potential

Discover multiple possiblities for your project. Distinguish high costing ideas and reduce negative space in design.

Lower Your Project Costs

Get accurate quotes from vendors and contractors based on design blueprints. Know details on quality of construction.

Phase Your Project

Develop your project in your own time, without compromise on travel or work. Prepare and learn better from your design blueprints.

Save 50% on Design Fees

Get Ongrid's experts to help you develop a modern and personalised design solution at your convenience, completlly online

Tools & Resources

Our easy-to-use tool generates detailed reports instantly. Perfect for homeowners, builders & contractors

This interactive quiz will guide you through a series of questions that are designed to reveal your design style.

A fundamental Guide to start your home project, with the right mindset and right questions. Download Your Copy.

The Ongrid Advantage

Why Ongrid is considered as the most innovative architecture design company in Maharashtra and India.

Licensed Experts

Our Creative team is certified by Council of Architecutre, India with 15 Years of Design Practise

Transparent Process

Every project is treated like a partnership between the designer and you. Our open guidance at every step is assured.

Iron Clad Copy

We ink everything that we design and share. You too will be shared a quality Hardcopy print. Take your project offline and onsite.

Video Meetings

Your Design expert is an appointment away. During any phase of the project, get connected and clear any querry

Fast Development

Our Process is streamlined to ensure you get your project in matter of weeks and not Months

One-Time Pricing

No hidden charge or part payments. We allocate your project resources upfront and get you premium design outputs

How to execute online home designs?

Designs do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Integrate blueprints with vendors, developers and authorities to unify all of your project information.

Serviced 200+ Home Owners in 2023
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Customer Reviews

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India's most Innovative Thinkers use Ongrid


Thk u for your effort and satisfied completion of given task 👍🏻👍🏻🌷. Thks to all team members. Goodluck to organisation

Mr DP Shetty
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Professional and Quality experience

Mr Aseel Bhabe
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Needed a farm house to be designed but currently with covid had a difficulty finding services that could help us. Ongrid was very fast in their delivery and their services very affordable.

Mr Bhushan Surana
Nashik, Maharashtra

Their team is very experienced in handling technical challenges and guiding the entire process of construction

with 3D visualization.

Chopda Family
Sangli, Maharashtra

ಸಂಭಾಷಣೆ ಮತ್ತು ಡಿಜನ್ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ನೀಡಿದರು ಹಾಗೂ ನನ್ನ ಸೈಟ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಕಂಡುಬರುವ ಡಿ ಜನ್ ಹಾಗೂ ನಾನು ತಿಳಿಸಿದಂತೆ ಹಾಲ್ ಸೈಜ್ ಮತ್ತು ಔಟ್ ಸೈಡ್ ಬಾತ್ ರೂಮ್ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದು ಸರಿ ಒಳ್ಳೆ ಸರ್ವಿಸ್ ದನ್ನವದಾಗಳು

Mr Sheikh Hussain
Manvi, Karnataka

We are very skeptical of online services, but we needed to start build our home before the monsoons. Fortunately their services were on time and reliable. Great team and Support.

Dr.Atul Gupta
Pune, Maharashtra

Redesigned my house with modern open planning.

They have a very informative design library which is very much in trend.

Mr Saurav Mohanty
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Discovered them online. They were very helpful as our project was partly done and we needed changes to be accommodated. We received the drawings in 2 weeks that were clear and informative.

Rajendra Behera
Belagum, Karnataka

Beautiful presentation and visualisation of designs. Loved their catalog. My only disappointment there are only 30 styles.

Wishing you guys the best, very responsive.

Mr Kishor Jena
Ranchi, Jharkhand

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We take away some of the biggest pain points of traditional local Interior Design Solutions.

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