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The story of Mr Mayur, from Pune designing a Three Bedroom Apartment from cold possession to occupancy with Ongrid

About Mr Mayur

Mr Mayur is a busy professional, working from home with an aspiring taste for lifestyle. He wanted his new apartment to be personalised. He wanted dedicated spaces like a workstation, an open pooja unit and customising the kitchen to become bigger and better.

We interviewed Mr Mayur and gathered vital insights and highlights on their project since using Ongrid. Let’s have a look.


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At Ongrid Design, we understand the unique needs and tastes of our clients in Maharashtra, and we are proud to offer personalised interior design services that reflect the rich cultural heritage and modern lifestyle of this vibrant region.

Challenges and Solution:

ongrid design interior design published project floor plan

Challenge 1: Having a Generic Floor Plan

Generic builder plans are a major problem for apartment construction. Many builders are using these generic plans and not customizing them to the specific needs of their residents.

These generic plans are not created with quality of life in mind, but instead focus on cost-cutting measures. This means that many apartments do not have adequate storage space, and many kitchens lack features such as dishwashers or garbage disposals.

Challenge 2: No Dedicated Study Room

The apartment floor plan lacked dedicated study room which is essential in the work from home era. A study room is a space that can be used for both work and play, providing a place to escape from distractions and focus on your tasks.

In today's work from home era, a dedicated study room is necessary for the modern family. If you have a large apartment, consider using one of your rooms as a dedicated study space. This can help increase productivity and limit distractions for everyone in the house.

ongrid design interior design published project

Challenge 3: Create a hidden sewing unit for the wife in Living Room

We are pleased to present our design for the sewing unit. The design has been altered from what we initially proposed and now includes an enclosed area within the living room with a full-length mirror and desk.

We believe that this new design will be more conducive to the client's vision of a private space where she can work on her sewing projects without interruption from others in her family.

ongrid design interior design published project image

Challenge 4: One-place dashboard to buy furnitures and decor

 The design team at Ongrid was able to provide a complete list of purchase links for selected decor, furnitures and light fixtures for the clients interior design project. This allowed the client to order items of the internet without hassle.


Mr Mayur, designed his 3 BHK apartment with ongrid's Interior Design Solution. Mr Mayur had already handpicked the material, furniture and fixtures for his home and ongrid helped him with the overall concept and design. The end result is an elegant apartment that fits his lifestyle perfectly.


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