Unlocking Open, Airy Living in a Mumbai 3BHK

The Patwari Residence Story

A new family moved into their compact 3BHK apartment in bustling Mumbai, eager to remodel the boxy, cramped rooms into a modern sanctuary reflecting their lifestyle. They approached Ongrid, an online interior design firm specialising in consultations, design documentation, and detailing. Ongrid brought the family's vision to life through meticulous reconfiguration of the floorplan, integration of custom elements, and a passion for realising the full potential of small spaces.

Challenges of a Cookie-Cutter 3BHK in Bustling Mumbai

In Mumbai's predominantly concrete jungle, the Patwaris attempted to transform their cookie-cutter 3BHK apartment into a sanctuary. However, small spaces and closed floor plans posed challenges:

  • Boxy layout constrained mobility
  • Separate zones restrict cohesiveness
  • Walls block natural light
  • Enclosed rooms lack multifunctional use
  • A closed kitchen hides rather than eliminates clutter

The Patwaris envisioned an open-concept home to maximise space and light. Knocking down walls would connect rooms and enable multifunctional activity pockets. Ongrid brought the expertise to guide the documentation and specifications to execute this vision sustainably.

Ongrid's Design Expertise Unlocks:

Open, Airy Layouts

By knocking down walls to improve airflow and light

Multifunctional Zones

Crafting flexible spaces for evolving needs

Personalized Solutions

Custom-designed based on clients' lifestyle

Smarter Lighting Design

Guiding placement for reduced energy usage

Made-to-Order Details

From built-ins to accessories that reflect personal tastes

Unlocking Potential Through Consultation and Design

Ongrid formulated a cohesive strategy following consultations:

✓ Eliminate layout limitations 

✓ Structure an open-concept style
✓ Enable personalisation

With innovative floor plan redesigns, Ongrid guided each design decision to enhance how the family lives sustainably within their 3BHK. Their consultation and documentation covered everything needed, setting the stage for execution.

Key Milestones in the Design Process

  1. Initial Consultation
    • Understand clients' vision
    • Identify pain points in existing layout
    • Discuss preliminary ideas
  2. Conceptual Design
    • Formulate layout strategies
    • Produce initial drawings
  3. Final Proposal
    • Refine layout and details
    • Provide 3D visualisations
    • Outline specifications
  4. Execution Support
    • Coordinate contractors
    • Clarify design intent
    • Manage quality control


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Knocking Down Walls: Crafting Spaciousness

Instead of compartments, the open floor plan promoted cohesion while retaining the definition between areas. Unifying the kitchen, living, and dining areas opened the space and improved continuity for shared activities.

Ongrid's layout allows natural light to reach multiple zones, effectively reducing daytime electricity needs. Openness enables improved ventilation, too.

Constructing New Partitions: Carving Out Personalised Zones

Strategically positioned new walls retain separation between personal realms like bedrooms while allowing openness beyond. Doors insert privacy when desired without compromising the airy ambience. Customisable partitions enable multifaceted usage for changing needs from solitary relaxation to family gatherings.

Woodwork Craftsmanship: Manifesting Personalisation

Ongrid designed made-to-measure wooden furniture tailored for the Patwaris’ routines and tastes using expert carpentry. Complementary lighting, accessories, etc, completed personalisation. Mrs Patwari's passion for interior design found full expression in integrating unique collectables and creative touches.

Bathing Every Corner in Sunlight

Abundant natural light transforms spaces in the Patwari Residence through windows occupying nearly entire walls and skylights, amplifying sunlight permeability. Mindfully positioned openings also foster ventilation. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth and interest as sunlight cascades across at different daytime angles.

Realising Perfection Through Expert Consultation

Like an orchestra conveying notes into harmonious concertos, Ongrid coordinated specialists through their exhaustive consultation and documentation. Their drawings and specifications paved the path for others to manifest the structural vision into an aesthetically appealing reality. The new open concept 3BHK reflects the Patwaris as a family while upholding practical functionality beyond ephemeral design fads.

Benefits of Ongrid's Approach

  • Saves clients time with expert guidance
  • Unlocks potential of the space via custom design
  • Brings vision to reality with detailed specifications
  • Simplifies execution process with dedicated coordination
  • Instils confidence in achieving desired outcome

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