4500 sq ft Vastu Rich Farmhouse in Hyderabad: Design Case Study

Dreaming of a rustic retreat amidst nature? Explore this breathtaking farmhouse in Hyderabad, meticulously crafted by Ongrid Design Pune to blend modern comforts with rustic charm. This stunning destination seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor living amidst lush greenery.

From the layout to the materials, every detail has been thoughtfully curated to create a relaxing sanctuary immersed in nature. Discover how Ongrid Design brought the client's vision to life while overcoming key design challenges. This case study provides an in-depth look at the architecture, interiors, and landscape behind this show-stopping farmhouse.Detailed top-down layout of a Hyderabad farmhouse showcasing yard, living spaces, and courtyard with annotated design elements

Key Design Aspects

  • Courtyard planning frames a vivid pond and garden sanctuary
  • Skylights, and clerestory windows filter natural light patterns across interiors
  • Deep overhangs, exposed frames and screens modulate light and ventilation
  • Double/triple height volumes provide expansive sightlines punctuated by cosy niches
  • Shaded walkways connect blocks through transitional corridors
  • Solar integration, water recycling and home automation reduce resource demand

This vocabulary blends ancestral Indian architectural wisdom with contemporary sculptural expression using regional materials like granite, lime plaster, and teak wood alongside exposed concrete, mineral coatings, and glass.

“We wanted to create a uniquely contextual weekend home celebrating the inspiring landscape through multiple experiential layers,” Principal Architect Seema Sancheti explains.

Project Overview

The clients desired a spacious, luxurious farmhouse getaway outside Hyderabad, India. Located on a sprawling 2-acre property, the design had to optimise indoor/outdoor connections through seamless transitions while retaining privacy within the home. As sustainability was paramount, the team incorporated eco-friendly construction techniques and energy-efficient building systems.

Ongrid proposed a contemporary layout and facade complemented by rustic and natural interior finishes. This blended modern comforts with regional vernacular for an authentic farmhouse aesthetic. One major challenge was melding this aesthetic with advanced architectural systems for optimal daylight, ventilation, and acoustics. The impressive final results are a testament to Ongrid's solutions.Front elevation of a traditional brick Hyderabad farmhouse with baluster railing and Mangalorean tiles under a moonlit sky.

Translating Hyderabadi Vernacular Architecture

Mr Reddy desired a peaceful retreat exuding visual drama, sheltering his family for generations. Ongrid actualised this through bespoke architecture and holistic interiors informed by the land’s expressive topography. As a long-time Hyderabad resident, Mr Reddy’s deep cultural roots kindled nostalgia for layouts resonating with traditional Vastu tenets reminiscent of ancestral farm dwellings. Concurrently, he emphasised integrating contemporary amenities and intelligent technologies.

We desired our farmhouse to feel intimately connected with the rustic terrain through transparency and fluid spaces with a contemporary idiom befitting urban lifestyle expectations,” shares Mr Reddy.

Ongrid translated this defined brief with explicit cultural nuances into two initial 3D design proposals. After discussions, the team crystallised an optimal concept oriented around a central water courtyard drawing from ancient tapovan models. Mr Reddy was drawn towards this heritage-anchored vision suffused with artistry, sustainability and understated luxury - harmoniously embodying his aspirations.

Architectural Design

The striking architectural framework combines exposed brick, wood, and concrete for organic textures that echo the surroundings. Floor-to-ceiling glazing invites tranquil views inside, while thoughtful sun shading prevents heat gain.

For this project, Ongrid generated the following comprehensive set of coordinated 3D drawings:


  • Site Plan: Captures approach angles, built-unbuilt zones, landscaping areas, drainage routes, etc.
  • Floor Plans: Demarcates room dimensions and interconnectivity across levels
  • Sections: Illustrate vertical spatial qualities with bifurcation of floors, false ceilings, services integration, etc.
  • Elevations: Articulate façade composition principles across various faces of the buildings
  • Suggested Furniture Drawings: For bespoke built-in and loose furniture elements across spaces
  • Landscaping Plan: Defines hardscape and softscape areas, activity pockets, plantation zones, etc.
Comprehensive interior floor plan of a Hyderabad farmhouse illustrating the arrangement of kitchen, dining, bedrooms, and courtyard.

Unique Architectural Elements

Custom-designed brick jali screens, a signature sloped roof in burnt Mangalore tiles, and an indoor teak wood bridge overlooking the living room lend unique architectural flair. The open yet intimate spaces blur indoor/outdoor boundaries for an inspiring living experience.

Space Planning and Layout

The layout divides public entertainment zones from private quarters, yet encourages togetherness through open sightlines, ensuring the family always feels connected. Key spaces like the living room and kitchen/dining open directly onto the pool deck and lawns for seamless indoor/outdoor enjoyment.

Two Distinctive Layout Alternatives

Ongrid offered two alternative floor plans respecting specifications but with different orientations to choose from.

Option 1: Formal Fluidity

This scheme conjures an iconic sculpture integrated into the terrain. Interconnected volumes play with solid and void to frame rocky outcrop views amidst water and lawns. The open plan allows free movement between zones accented by courtyards and mini atriums with profile views.

Option 2: Clustered Choreography

A collection of pavilion structures linked through passages, breezy corridors and transitional volumes offers a contemporary tapovan updated for modern habitation.

Both options provide tremendous customisation potential within the sustainability framework already initiated.

Structural Elements and MaterialsIllustration of a Hyderabad farmhouse's side view displaying the courtyard, dining area, and traditional Indian architectural elements

Built from rammed earth, solid concrete blocks, and reclaimed wood, the structural skeleton provides thermal mass for passive temperature regulation. Local materials like exposed brick, Mangalore tiles, and Sheesham wood reduce the carbon footprint while enhancing visual harmony with the landscape.

Sustainable Design Features

Strategic design moves such as Northwest-Southeast orientation, transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors, and open planning help maximise cross ventilation and daylight. Solar water heating, LED lighting, and energy-efficient HVAC systems further reduce the home's environmental impact.

Landscape Design

The landscape design fully leverages the site’s lush surroundings to create an extension of the living quarters. Multiple outdoor lounge areas connect through paved pathways and stepping stones across green lawns. Water features and regional foliage choices complete the al fresco experience.

Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping Features

The conversational deck with casual seating overlooking the pool and infinity edge offers an idyllic morning coffee spot kissed by lake breezes. The covered outdoor dining pavilion framed by a lily pond invites afternoon gatherings over regional specialities. Brick pathways lined by flower beds lead to the boat-shaped family gazebo, perfect for cosy evenings under the stars.Illustration of a Hyderabad farmhouse's side view displaying the courtyard, dining area, and traditional Indian architectural elements

Integration with Surrounding Environment

Existing native neem, peepal, Gulmohar and frangipani trees on-site help cool the micro-climate and the family’s beloved mango orchard. New plantings incorporate regional foliage like jasmine, bougainvillaea, plumeria and amaltas for continuity with the habitat. Water features recycle greywater harvested on-site to nourish this flora.

Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Organic kitchen waste composting enriches the soil, while drought-tolerant native plants reduce irrigation needs. Solar lights and judiciously placed accent fixtures minimise light pollution for local fauna. Overall, the design promotes biodiversity and habitat preservation.


This marvellous farmhouse synthesises sustainability, bold design, and cultural connection through Ongrid's bespoke approach. Hand-selected regional materials, detailed customisation, and eco-conscious construction elevate the property into a profoundly nurturing habitat.

Blending high-tech functionality with artisanal craftsmanship, Ongrid fulfilled the owners' aspirations for an authentic, cutting-edge farmhouse reflecting their family’s passions. Every thoughtfully considered detail embodies low-impact luxury living, from seamlessly indoor/outdoor living spaces to luxe amenities.

The resounding success of this retreat amidst Hyderabad's bustle demonstrates Ongrid Design's commitment to client-centred excellence. For your dream farmhouse, natural sanctuary or holiday home near Hyderabad, contact Ongrid Design to bring your vision to life with sustainable panache.