Maximizing Space on a Budget: Mr. Maiti's Ongrid-Designed Duplex with 3 Bedrooms


Mr. Prasanta Maiti, a resident of Khirpai in West Bengal, had a dream of building a beautiful, spacious duplex for his family. However, he was on a budget and wanted to maximize the available space while keeping costs low. That's when he turned to OnGrid's online home design services for help. With OnGrid's easy-to-use platform and expert design advice, Mr. Maiti was able to design a stunning duplex that met all his needs within his budget.


The biggest challenge that Mr. Maiti faced was maximizing the available space in his duplex while keeping costs low. He wanted to build a spacious home for his family, but he was limited by his budget. Additionally, the site for the duplex was relatively small, which made it challenging to design a functional and beautiful home.


Ongrid's online home design services proved to be the perfect solution for Mr. Maiti's design needs. Ongrid's platform allowed him to design his duplex quickly and easily, with expert design advice to guide him through the process. Using Ongrid's tools, Mr. Maiti was able to design a beautiful, functional home that made the most of the available space. The duplex features three bedrooms, with plenty of room for his family to live comfortably. The design also includes a spacious living room, dining area, and kitchen, which provide ample space for entertaining guests.

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