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Phase Your Project

With online home design, you can gather information related to construction in systematic stages. This allows you time to correlate design with the market, economic trends, and prepare financials.

What is Project Phasing?

Project Phasing (also known as staging) is the best way for homeowners to safeguard their project finances, and protect against market price trends. This solution works by using sets of Blueprints by revealing only the necessary information to respective contractors.

How will project phasing solution work

Maximise your legal compliance

Ensure your design works as per rules of Local Development Authorities. Avoid Legal Issues by checking site setbacks, Building Heights in the blueprint.

Understand the true cost of design

Validate construction costs/quotes with accuracy. Blueprints cover all essential design specifications.

Prepare Site at the right season

Site Excavation and Compation is time and resource intensive. Schedule your project in the correct calendar month.

Control Site Work

You dictate the quality of building material used for the project by refering to the blueprint specification. Protecting your project from poor quality material.

Discover the Benifits of Project Phasing and How it can help you & your project?

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Advantages of Project Phasing

More Compliance Checks

Your Blueprints are verified against any development breaches before you being work on site. This saves you a lot of hassle

Easier on Finances

Breaking up the work needed to build a house from site to occupancy, has proven easier to manage.

Better Timelines

For an independent homeowner, taking time off work for long periods is just not possible. Phasing work can be your rescue.

Material Managment

Don't buy Tiles and Paint when your site need cement & sand. Manage quality building materials

How Home Owners use Project Phasing to their Advantage

Managing Contractor & Vendor Co-ordination

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Last-mile Material Inventory Tracking

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Managing Authority Permisions & Clearance

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Home Owners that use Project Phasing

Independent Land Owners

Land-owners often use project phasing to understand various design schemes that can help maximise developement on site

Commercial Developers

Developers looking to generate Income via development, use project phasing to interest Investors for funding.

First Time Home Builders

New and First time home builders often phase projects to suit their time and monetary needs. Lowering risks in project.

Customers & Resources that use Project Phasing

Mr Praveen

Ongrid helped Mr Praveen from Nagpur develop a Mixed developed building that has his residence and shop units. Learn more

Mr Rohineekanta

All the way from Odisha, Bargarh Mr Rohineekanta wanted a Family home for him & his brother. Learn more about his project.


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Project Phasing is a choice based technique that is used by projec developers to safeguard their project costs and maximise development potential.

Used mostly by Property Developers and Large Landowners.

To explain this let's take the example of a commercial property developer. Whenever a development plan is made, it needs to pass regularity complainces, subject to funding available.

As soon as the blueprint is developed the developer can phase its project development both to arrange funds and wait on legal compliance.

This way, the developer saves money and resources on the project by waiting for the correct and right time to act on site.

This is an especially serious and important question for Independent developer. These are verticals where the project phasing allows oneself the necessary time and knowledge to build their homes.

India's Most Inteligent Home Owners use Ongrid


Ongrid was able to assist us greatly with their building blueprints. We were able to get a clear picture of what we would be getting into before beginning any work on site and we could plan accordingly.

Subramaniam TS

This is why it is best to have an idea of your project ahead of time. Ongrid helped us visualize our needs before we began and saved us time and money by implementing the plan.

Sumit Powar

I found the ongrid team to be super creative and flexible to our needs. They are always looking for solutions of how to improve their tool, which is a great quality for a company to have

Rajiv Dubey

ongrid is a great company. They were professional and very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for design services!

Prashant Mishra
Uttar Pradesh

Ongrid was a great partner for us. We had a tight deadline to meet and Ongrid helped us in coordinating with the local engineers and architects during our project.

Balagopal Verma

I'm very impressed with the quality for the price. I'll be back for more, thank you

Ankur Pathak
West Bengal

The Ongrid Advantage

Award Winning Firm

In 2019, our design team won an International Competition hosted by Archdias

Licensed Professionals

Our Experts are certified by Council of Architecture, India and experienced over 15 years.

Always Online

Connect with our experts from anywhere in India to discuss and bring your project to life

NBC compliant

Our Blueprints are as per National Building Code 2016. This ensures designs are as per India Standards.

Quick Turnaround

Now starting work on site is not a matter of months. Get blueprints developed in span of weeks.

Material Concious

Our Practises adhere to the LEED initivative to promote Sustainable development.

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