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Tiles & Finishes



Site Surveyor

Site Surveyours produce their results in Co-ordiate data sets that map boundaries and contour of the site. You can seamelessly map their data with Ongrid's solution.

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Civil Contractor

Ongrid supplies detailed Structural specifications along with measurments of the design. Certfied Contractors can procure and beign work as per design specifications

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Water & Drain Integrators

Our Advance + Design Solution maps water inlet and waste outlet routes, chamber locations and pit dimension for a complete plumbing & drainage system

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Electrical & Lighting

Ergonomically position Switch Point, Powe Panels and Lighting. Get electrical looping and layout in our Blueprints.

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False Ceiling

Treat your ceilings with gorgeous finishes. Our designs produce versatile technical details for POP, Wooden and Metal Ceilings.

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Furnitures & Woodwork

Customise sofa-set and cabinets or buy branded furniture sets. Our Interior Service covers technical details with 3d visuals.

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Benefits of Integrating with Ongrid

Consolidate Information

Ongrid's blueprints serve as the master document upon which project is developed.

Improve Accuracy

Use the dimesions and metrics to cross check and verify site work

Get Experts Support

Troubleshoot design and work on site with Ongrid's experts suggestions

Use Hardcopy

Use the A3 print set shipped as your final copy on site, remotely and completely offline.

Improve Final Output

Scheduling and anticipating work on site becomes easy with high quality 3D Views.

Phase your Project

Develop the project at the comfort of your own pace. You blueprints are valid a lifetime.

Features We Offer

Detailed Drawing Set

Highely Informative Technical Drawing Set covering all elements of Design

Photo-Realistic 3D Views

High-Resolution 3D Views of Interior and Exterior Views of Design

1-on-1 Expert's Sessions

Schedule and Connect with Ongrid's Experts to streamline and review designs together

Lifetime Access to your Files

Check your Design files at your convinience that are availible in your dashboard

Large Design Library

Review our published collection of design types to compare and learn

Multiple Changes

Adapt your design to match your needs and changing site conditions

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What our Clients Say About Our Online Home Design Solutions

We have found Ongrid's design service to be very creative and professional. We are very pleased with the final result.

Sharat T
Tamil Nadu

I was very impressed with the easy to use and flexible features of the blueprints. And I thank Ongrid for being so helpful in listening to our concerns and making the changes we requested.

Madhav Nillar

I am really impressed with the quality and the service delivered by Ongrid. I used to be big on in-house designing and now I don't think I can ever go back to the old ways of doing things!

Ameena Moni

The blueprints are very easy to use. Our contractor says it is one of the easiest to understand blueprints he has seen for a long time. What I like about the blueprint is that it has all the information on each page, no wasted space. It was a little expensive but worth it in the end.

Bijoy Chatterjee

Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are very happy with the house, we have received many compliments about it.

Sampark Kumar

OnGrid's Blueprints are beautiful and simple. They took us from a vague idea of what we wanted to build to a set of blueprints that were easy for our contractor to understand and work from.

Prateek Jingal

Designing our home has been a fun experience and implementing the design was very easy and cost effective.

Avinash Bhivansane

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service you provide. Your blueprints are easy to read, detailed and very affordable.

Nitin Tumbe

I am more than satisfied with the services provided by Ongrid. The team was very helpful in providing a design that was in-line with my requirements. The process for ordering the blueprints was smooth and extremely fast.

Atul Gupta

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