5 Must Have legal Paperwork before building your home in India.

Homebuilding is a significant investment of your resources. Making your home a happy and comfortable place goes beyond the skills of a designer. It is essential some due diligence in acquiring the right permissions and paperwork from authorities. The list below is what you need to have in your possession before beginning any construction.

  • Mother Deed
  • Sales Deed
  • EC Ecumberate Certificate 
  • POA Power of Attorney 
  • Khata Certificate

Let us take a slightly deeper dive in each one of them, explaining its use and the relevant information and authority on them.


  • Mother Deed ( Ask the Seller )

It is an important document to determine ownership of the property. It contains details of the parties and details of property in question, Since the property's very existence. A property generally changes hands by various modes like sale, gift, partition and inheritance.


  • Sales Deed 

Do not confuse Sales Deed with Sales Agreement, both being legal documents but with a very different meaning. A Sales Deed is a legal document that proves that you own the complete ownership of the property. It holds details about you, the seller, the property with exact address and surroundings.

Note: If you have a sales agreement and got possession, the rights of the property remain with the developer.


  • Encumbrance Certificate EC ( Sub- Registars Office where land is registered )

In real estate, along with verifying the rights of the property. It is equally important to check for any liabilities attached to the property. This certificate will reveal if the property is free of monetary liabilities like a mortgage or uncleared loan. Banks will entertain loans only on the availability of EC. Do not confuse EC with OC ( Occupancy Certificate) or CC ( Completion Certificate )


  • Power of Attorney

Suppose the owner of the property is not physically present. In that case, a power of attorney will prove the person's legal rights carrying out the business deal. There are multiple levels of a POA, make sure the candidate has the capacity of his legal rights stated.


  • Khata Certificate ( Assistance Revenue Officer )

The local municipal body will issue the Khata Certificate. It mentions the particular property and its owner details and Tax details and the description of the property. Utility connections such as water supply, electricity, trade license and building license will require you to produce Khata Certificate.


Property is an immovable asset that often lasts generations in the family. Make sure to take the best steps possible to create a comfortable living. Speak with your lawyer or legal experts to guide you further in the nuances of Home Ownership.


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