Beginners Guide: Small home designs in India.

Homes come in many different sizes, styles and material. Then what exactly is a Small Home? Are Small Homes as beautiful as lavish villas? How do I decide if my life fits in a Small Home? But for the benefit of understanding, we will restrict homes designed under 1000 sq.ft on a single floor. Homes have always been an essential part of our life's journey, right from childhood as toddlers to growing old in them. Every stage confirms a special memory or activity that we loved doing in that particular place.

 There are many ways to build Compact Homes; some are budget homes, some are weekend Luxury farm homes, and others are just what we need to meet our life goals. Either way, we shall explore various aspects of Small Home Designs, break the elements of Home Plans, Elevations that allow us to understand and decide on the perfect Home Design.


Let us discuss some activities that we expect to do in our home:

  •  A standard room to meet and greet guests, with a comfortable seating arrangement. 
  • A dedicated place to cook our favourite meals, based on your preference, you can scale your kitchen.
  • A bedroom that is spacious enough to host a basic set up of bed and closet. 
  • A Toilet that you can either choose to have a standard opening or make private. Either way, an essential part of the small house concept.
  • Some outdoor place for a garden, parking and seating that lets you enjoy the weather.

 On the face of it, you may think after reading the list, as isn't it obvious, but you may be surprised to know 8 in 10 homes built struggle to meet the fundamental activities. Result: Constant spendings on the renovation.


Instead of going on more into statistics, let us analyse a few small home designs with their tiny home plans.


Example 1: A cost-effective small home design under 500 sqft.

The Home Plan is rectangular, which helps lower construction costs because it is easier to align structural elements (beam and columns).

 The longer side of the plan has bigger openings forcing natural ventilation; this lowers your dependencies on mechanical ventilation—overall savings in electrical usage.

 The layout consists of a common hall that distinguishes the kitchen from the living room; this is an aspect of modern home plans where families prefer an open plan system. The lack of a wall makes the hall bigger and also requires lesser bricks to construct.


The elevation of the house has a clean and modern design. There is complete flexibility in the choice of material that supports the cost of construction. This Small Home Design's overall idea is to provide efficient spaces optimised for families looking to start small and keep their costs under budget.



Example 2: A Modern Small Home design in 600 sqft with beautiful elevation.


The Home Plan has a clear objective of distinguishing rooms that allow for more privacy and comfort. The layout promotes a more upscale bedroom with its walk-in closet.

 The Idea behind small home Interior Design is to ensure the family living enjoys the segregation of space while also keeping the overall size small and easy to manage. It also has a dedicated Store that helps you organise excess luggage, keeping your living clutter-free.


The elevation of the house has a beautiful modern design. It is essential to celebrate the exterior of the home irrespective of the size of the building. The aesthetic element of the house creates a tremendous value of enjoyment. A secret to be told; this is sure to drive your neighbours jealous. 



Example 3: A Contemporary two bedroom, Single Storey Small Home Design


The Home Plan is built for two bedrooms, which is a common need for families with children. The house's flow from the bedroom entrance easily separates Public zones like the living area and dining unit from your bedrooms' privacy.

 A format of layout that is prefered by working families looking for an easy-to-maintain house with clutter-free elements.

 The home's elevation reflects the American capital house, famous for its architraves, grid windows, and covered porches. They have a flat design making the house easy to clean and fun to live in.


What are the areas of focus in building my beautiful small home under budget?


You end up spending 60% of the entire budget in building the structural components of the house. The correct spanning of beams and columns will play a crucial role in cost. We have gone into details explaining the structural design of the house here.

Be clear about the goal of your house. Research has shown that 85% of people don't spend on additional home improvements for at least five years after building their home. It would help if you did some basic homework to understand your land's size, building laws that may be applicable, and what your family's expectations and needs are about their stay. 

There are many more examples of Small Home Designs here. Now you understand the variety you can incorporate when curating ideas for small home designs. It would help explore various home design options with multiple elements in their elevations, floor plans and Interior plans.

Make sure they fit your lifestyle, budget and family goals.


We hope you learnt a little more about building beautiful homes. Share this with your friends and family that can benefit from understanding the basics of small home designs. There are plenty more articles, design inspirations on our website regarding Home Plans and Home Designs in India. 


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