20 Eye Grabbing Kitchen Tile Designs with Pictures to Consider in 2022

An integral part of a house is the kitchen. Several interior designers and architects believe that a well-planned kitchen can contribute to the overall well-being of the family staying in that house. 

Gone are those days in which kitchens are considered only a place for the women of the house. You may have not realized that the kitchen is the place where you get on with your day while preparing morning tea or simply spending some time on your own along with cooking for your loved ones. Therefore, if you are redoing the kitchen decor, keep it in mind that it is no longer considered a place used only for cooking and completing chores. 


This blog explores the importance of suitable tile designs for keeping up the entire look and feel of the kitchen and some tile designs that you can use as a reference.  


How To Choose Tile Designs for Your Modern Kitchen?

Choosing a tile design is not an easy task as the entire kitchen decor can go for a toss if chosen wrong. The kitchen decor should be an impression of your personality. For instance, if you are someone whose personality is down to earth, or calm, you can use old brick tile designs for the backsplash in the kitchen. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are deciding on kitchen tiles.


  • Go to the kitchen and have a thorough look. Just close your eyes and imagine the vibe people want to get when they walk into the kitchen. 
  • Research thoroughly about the pros and cons of every tile design before making a final decision.
  • Measure the size of the kitchen and mark the places where you would want to install the tiles. 
  • Now, as there are various sizes and shapes of tiles- small, large or rectangular, hexagonal, etc.- Ask yourself which one suits you the most.
  • Choose the color of the tile while keeping in mind the rest of the color scheme. 
  • Keep factors such as durability, heat resistance, etc. at the back of your mind as the kitchen is where you are cooking and washing the most.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of the tiles. Make sure to choose a brand that lives up to its name. 


In case you are still unable to make up your mind, speak with an interior designer or the architect assisting you with the renovation. As they have a deeper knowledge, they will be able to advise you better.  


20 Kitchen Tile Designs with Pictures to Look At While Renovating the Kitchen Decor


Now that you know how to choose the appropriate design, color tile for your kitchen, here are some designs you can use as a starting point. 



The texture of the tile should complement the walls of the kitchen. Here are some tile designs to swear by. 

1.Ceramic Kitchen Tiles 

ceramic kitchen tile design

If you are looking to renovate your old kitchen into a sophisticated one, this tile design is the one for you. Pair ceramic tiles with pastel colors to get that glam look for your kitchen. Wondering what is the best thing about ceramic tiles? Well, these are scratch-proof, moisture-resistant, and sturdy. Therefore, once you install these tiles, you don’t need to bother about renovating for another 10-15 years!

 2.Matte Kitchen Tiles

matte kitchen tile design

Matte finish is another one of the popular designs for tiles. The advantage of installing matte-finish tiles is that spots and splashes can be easily hidden. It makes the kitchen more warm and comfortable. Think of complementing matte tiles with some Mahogany-based furniture to get a beautiful kitchen decor. 

 3.Glossy Kitchen Tiles

Glossy tiles give an effect that is opposite to that of matte tiles. For a modern kitchen, Glossy tiles can work wondrously. You can experiment with these tiles without any fear of anything turning out disastrous as the texture is so charismatic in any shape or size. 

 4.Mirrored Kitchen Tiles

mirrored kitchen tile design

Mirror tiles entice people into thinking that the kitchen is quite large and roomy. It creates an illusion of making the kitchen open and airy. So all those people redoing their small-sized kitchens, this is the design to look out for!

 5.Brick Kitchen Tiles

Brick Kitchen Tile Design

Brick tiles bring out the elegance of the kitchen if installed with complement curtains, area rug, white cabinets, and colorful small wall hangings. They look exactly like a regular brick and due to exposure to high heat, they are unbreakable.  

 6.Ivory Kitchen Tiles

This neutral shade relaxes the mind as well as provides an inviting look to the entire kitchen. 

 7.Marble Kitchen Tiles

Marble Design Tile Kitchen

Every celebrity's kitchen is covered with marble tiles as it gives the right amount of chicness to an otherwise normal kitchen. Another variant of marble kitchen tile is the Calcutta Marble that oozes luxury and nothing else. Want that elegant and luxurious kitchen? Marble kitchen tiles are the perfect choice for you. 

 8.Stone Kitchen Tiles

Stone Kitchen Tile Design

As the above image depicts, kitchens that have stone tiles give it a rustic and ancient look. In addition to providing a rustic look, these tiles are much more durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Therefore, it is perfect in households where the kitchens are always bustling. 

Try engineered stone tiles as they pass through high temperatures that increase their strength. 

 9.Stainless Kitchen Tiles 

Stainless steel Kitchen Tile Design

The mess after cooking is inevitable. Oil splashes or turmeric smudges are common in kitchens. The stainless kitchen tiles can come to the rescue. This design is stylish as well as elegant. Additionally, stainless kitchen tiles are easy to maintain and are more durable than other designs. Thus, most restaurants use these as backsplashes. 

10.Wooden Kitchen Tiles

Wooden Kitchen Style Design

The wooden texture of the tiles brings warmth and coziness to the kitchen. So, in case your kitchen is in such a position of the house that it seems a little gloomy, placing wood kitchen tiles may help. However, wood is prone to fire and thus, avoid putting the tiles in the kitchen backlash. If you are fond of cabin-style kitchens, speak with the renovators and put reclaimed wood tiles. 



The pattern is another aspect of any design. The correct pattern can either make or break the kitchen decor. Here are some patterned kitchen tiles- 

1.Checkered Kitchen Tiles

chequered kitchen tile design

Checkered designs were common during the early 80s and 90s and now the trend is back. These tiles have one-inch squares of black and white that look like a chessboard. The best place in the kitchen to install some checkered tiles is the backsplash. This simple design signifies elegance and panache. Consult with your engineer and install some white or marble tiles on the floor to bring out the contrast. 

 2.Floral Kitchen Tiles

floral kitchen tile design

Want a Victorian feel in your kitchen? Floral tiles are the way. With so many floral shapes, this gives an elitist look to the kitchen. This design works if you have an open kitchen making it easier for people to see the kitchen whenever they walk into it. 

 3. Random Kitchen Tiles

Random Colour Kitchen Tile Design

Let out your creative side by installing random kitchen tiles you can get from a flea market. Though risky, if done with planning can make the entire kitchen look fabulous. Some people may find it quite jarring. However, if you are someone ready to experiment, then don’t think twice!

 4. Plain Kitchen Tiles

Plain Kitchen Tile Design

If you choose a warm color for your kitchen, choose plain tiles to make it more harmonious and coherent. Pastel colors for kitchen tiles are already quite popular in Western countries. With time, people of this country are also opting more and more for this design. You can never go wrong with simple plain kitchen tiles.

 5.Moroccan Kitchen Tiles

Moroccon Kitchen Tile Design

To make your kitchen look effortlessly classy, Moroccan tiles are the way. These tiles give an illusion of a jigsaw puzzle and can make people turn their heads. Currently, this is the most eye-catching and trendiest kitchen tile design people are seeking. Although these tiles cost a little more than the others, your investments are worth it.   




Colors have a powerful impact on the overall decor of a house. The human mind associates colors with emotions greatly. So, it becomes crucial that you ponder upon each color and its effect on the entire kitchen decor. 

 1.Black and White Kitchen Tiles 

Black and White Kitchen Tile Design

You can never go wrong with two colors- black and white. The former brings elegance while the latter brightens the room instantly. Just imagine the contrast both these colors bring and make the kitchen decor fabulous! Although it is quite tedious to maintain the white tiles, the complete decor is chic and posh. 

 2. Green Kitchen Tiles

Green Kitchen Tile Design

The color green is associated with calmness and serenity. As soon as you enter a kitchen with tiles of shades of green, it calms you down as green is highly associated with feelings of composure and mind restoration. Hence, if you are a nature lover, this is the go-to option without any second thoughts. 

 3. Bold Blue Kitchen Tiles 

Bold Blue Kitchen Tile Design

Similar to green, blue hues also have a calming effect on the nerves. You can relate the color to a clear sky or a scene of the sea. Several studies have also confirmed the same. A mixture of white cupboards and blue kitchen tiles can uplift the mood of the entire kitchen. The kitchen decor gives a soothing and relaxing mood and can help prep for the day while making your morning cup of tea. 

 4. Teal Kitchen Tiles 

Teal Kitchen Tile Design

You can never go wrong with teal-colored kitchen tiles. The color is rejuvenating in its sense and revitalizing. You will be thrilled to know that teal signifies infinity, such as the sky and the sea. The feel is breezy and light, making it easier for the individual to cook or do other chores in the kitchen. 

 5. Orange Kitchen Tiles 

Orange Kitchen Tile Design

Orange, in general, signifies energy and high spirits. In case you want to walk into a kitchen that brightens up your day, go for orange tiles. Bright colors such as orange, yellow, etc. uplift the vibe and make its occupants much more energetic. 


Now that you are aware of some of the trending kitchen tiles designs, it's time to dawn your thinking caps and make a final decision. If you are a novice to the entire idea of designing, consider contacting Ongrid.design. We help you with customized home plan solutions that ensure your plan of owning a dream home is fast-forwarded.