Discover my Home Design Style - Architect's Guide 2021

'Stop throwing money on styles that will never work for you'; these are the exact words I wished to tell my first client. Why? because 99% of expectations homeowners have designing their houses are the screenshot of a favourite show on Netflix, it changes every season. 


The impulse is so strong that they forgo the entire process of designing, start over and recreate, and lose their precious time and money. It is precisely how I got into a bottleneck with my first client—they were throwing ideas that were shortsighted and counter-intuitive. Streamlining and trusting the process is the key to unlock the maximum potential of your home project.


But, none of this has to be you. You, too, can learn to create healthy design thinking and discover the Home Style that works and fits your families lifestyle. Step by step, I would provide you with systems that will allow you to stick to your styles and inspirations—making sure along the way you build your home with the values of comfortable and happy living.


Solution - Step by Step


It all begins with You; start by collecting pictures, screenshots of places that inspire you. Create separate folders. Understand this is a process, so there is some back and forth here.


Every week, revisit the folder and only retain 10 pictures ( Max ). Delete the rest. As the week follows, add new and again repeat the entire process. We have found good results with at least a minimum of 3 weeks.


The longer you keep with this process ( Best results found in 6 weeks )

will eliminate the elements that are just impulses. Make sure the pictures tell you a story about the activities you like, the food style you prefer and the overall quality of life you desire.


You can do this process with your family before hiring a designer or conducting this process with your external help. Either way, you are setting up a strong base of visual elements and a practical guide for your home design.


The hard part is believing in the story that you have created and wanting to stick to it. Often in the journey of building your home, there will be influences to stray from the overall design. Questing yourself hard about the reason for the change and discussing with the designer is recommended.


The cost of change increases further into the journey into the process and proportionally dropping the flexibility to accommodate the change. Revisit your folder, and rehearse the reasons why the idea that you liked still works. Reaffirmation works.


We hope the article will help you discover the home styles and get involved in this joyful house building process.

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