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How do we design your project Remotely ?

stage 1

Common Foundations

Before we begin any development. We request our clients to share Floor Plans with Column and Beam Marking, along with Site Images & Video

stage 2

Dedicated Lead Architect

Ongrid's online solution comes with a dedicated project architect that helps you with intital consultaions, ideations, revisions & single point of contact

stage 3

Space Planning

Once we have an overview about your project, we start developing the floor plan with furnitures & decor. We optimise the development for circulation & ergonomics.

stage 4

Moving on to 3D

Once we finalise the Floor Plan, development of Ceiling, Custom Wall Designs and Lighting begins. It is 3-Dimensional representation of your project

stage 5

Technical Drawings

We cover all necessary drawings required by your vendors i.e. Carpenter, Electrician, False Ceiling. These are complete with measurments and architects notes.

stage 6

Material Selection

Each decor, furniture item provided in the design is documented for with a Suitable Brand, Model No. & Purchase Link. So you are not left confused

stage 7

Final Delivery

Every Stage is accompanied by your Review and Approval. Design is a partnership between our client & experts. You are shipped the Blueprint Print Set.

Eveything you need in one place

An intergrated suite for Interior Design

Furniture Layout

Explore Your Rooms with Modern Furniture Placements & Ergonomic Solutions

Wall Designs

Highlight every wall to bring out your personality with custom finishes

False Ceiling Designs

Develop False Ceiling Solutions to manage your AC Ducts and Lighting Services

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Lighting Design

Layer your lighting for every mood and decor that matches your Room Style

Decor & Material Selection

A complete selection list with brands and purchase links to help your project

Carpenter Drawings

Let your carpenter build the design to the perfection with our detailed blueprints

A Dedicated Design Expert

Take your project step by step with our experts guidance

3D Renders

Visualise every detail of the home with Photo realistic 3D Views

Choose any Size

Start your service with a single room design or a 2 floor villa

Compare Traditional Designer Vs Online Home Design

Ongrid: The Complete Home Design Solution for Premium + Efficient Interior Design

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we have received a lot of compliments on the design and quality of your work!

Saadiya Agboatwala

I thank all of you for my apartment design

Rohit Pansaree

I really appreciated your commitment and hard work as well as your team's! You've been very helpful and supportive throughout the process, from design to construction. Much appreciated!

Mayur Singhavi

Thank you for your amazing work on our residential project. It looks great. We will call you when we need a commercial space designed.

Sachin Khilare

Ongrid.Design Team has understood my requirements properly and captured what’s in my mind. They have designed exactly what I was thinking. Really very good work. I would like to thanks for your excellent & truly professional service.

Manish Kumar

Customer Stories & Resources

Mr Mayur

Its not easy to find time for home design in a busy professionals life. Find out how ongrid's experts made interior design convinient for Mr Mayur

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Mr Srikant

Pushing boundaries and exploring design solution for Mr Srikant was the objective and ongrid developed a modern solution for his home project. learn more.

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We are passionate about our work and care for the projects we deliver. In 2019 we won our International Design Competion beating 10000 + submissions

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We value your and our time, now get your projects started in mater of weeks not months

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We Home Deliver you the final set at no extra cost. Use it to work offline on site

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