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Are you looking for Home Planners and Interior Designers in Pune? Visit the best Architects and Interior Designers in Pune for building your next Dream Home.

1. Is this the right time to build my home in Pune?

Building a home can be easy if we plan the task ahead and budget for them. You can easily start by visiting us at our Design Studio and Speaking with your Home Design Expert or drop us a Mail or Call to Schedule a Online Consultation.

Since the process of co-creating a design typically takes 4-6 weeks, you can get started with online consultation. Our designers can assist you online via video calls. When it feels safe, you can also schedule an appointment and meet us at our Design Studio in Pune.

2. Can I meet my home designer or architect at the Pune Design Studio?

Yes, certainly. Keeping safety in mind, we have enabled 2 different ways of interaction:
Contactless and safe design meets at our Pune Design Studio Online Consultation

Please note: If your site or the place of meeting falls under Red or Containment Zone, we would only be able to assign a designer for online consultation.

3. Can I have a meeting at my home?

To keep you and our employees safe, we are currently not conducting any meetings at home. However, you can always opt for online consultation and we will be happy to discuss your project in detail. Do fill the lead form to help us understand your requirements better! You can also set up a contactless and safe design meet at one of our Pune Design Studio.

4. What can I expect to see at the Ongrid Design Studio in Pune?

You can immerse yourself in home interiors like never before at our Design Studio in Pune. Embrace the joy, comfort and aesthetics, and get to see how your future home would look like. With looks for every room, furniture for each corner, material samples on display, and a dedicated architect and home designer to take you through it, your quest for everything home interiors will definitely end here.

5. How can I select materials for design?

While we can share images of the materials and finishes during the design phase online, you will have to visit the design studio in Pune to finalise them. We can assure you that our studio is safe and we are adhering to every protocol.

Please note - We can only facilitate your visit from green and orange zones. We will not be able to attend to visitors who do not adhere to safety protocols.

6. How will my site be measured?

You can share the site plan or survey plan of your land with our designers, that should help us to start your project. In case you don’t have the site plan, we will work on your described values and dimensions of plot

7. Can I reach out to my Ongrid designer in Pune for any queries or clarifications?

Yes, definitely. You can get in touch with your designers in Pune via video calls or messages, as per your convenience. We are always there to assist you.

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