How to decide on a good Layout for your home?

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A firm intention requires a good strategy. A good strategy is a result of extensive planning. The planning stage is crucial for your quest to building your homes. 

As often is the case that a good layout will lead to a more comfortable stay. Before we start on the points that will help you decide on a good layout, let us begin with the basics about, What is a layout?

The layout is a Map or a Blueprint of your entire home. It visually conveys doors, windows, furniture and orientation. The critical elements of the layout will allow you to understand the flow of the design. The drawings are usually in ratios or proportions. A good designer will be able to walk you through the entire scenery with comfort. Small House Plans is often requested by a lot of our visitors, but if you want a detailed guide about ideas and Plans.


Why should you plan a layout?

There are many reasons why you should invest in deciding on a good plan, Top 3 reasons being:

  1. You cannot begin construction without them.
  2. Regulation compliance requires a blueprint for approval
  3. Cost and Budgets are only relevant if you have a layout

Now you know the importance of a layout, let us see how we can create a plan that meets our needs.

How to decide on a Layout?

Decide on the number of rooms.

Start by understanding the number of rooms you need to build. Please speak with your family, and understanding their goals should help. The number of guests you plan to entertain. These questions will qualify for your room requirement. 

Maximise Land Utilisation

In simple terms, there is a limit to which we can construct on any piece of land. Development authorities set the limitations. The name often used is F.S.I ( Floor Space Index), It is usually in the region of 0.75 to 1.2 ( with some exceptions). There is more detail on F.S.I., here.

Consider Natural Airflow and Lighting.

Ventilated and Naturally lit spaces are very comfortable and healthy. Your Architect can incorporate Passive Architecture techniques. Build your home that is in tune to your local climate. It will save you on precious electric bills. e.g., A house in Shimla will not work in Pune, as they serve different temperatures by design.

Style of your Home

We are all unique and have suiting lifestyles and family needs. Design the layout that meets all of the requirements by speaking to your designer. Some homes have lavish open rooms, while others choose a decorated private room. 

There are a few more tests before you set out.

  1. Soil Test
  2. Evenness of Land
  3. Vastu ( If you believe in )
  4. Any Litigations over Land

Spending time in the planning stages will help you save money and time. As changes later can be costly. Speak to an expert to get started with these basics in mind.

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