Luxurious Manor Residence on 65x45, Manor - Kamshet

In the serene locale of Manor, Maharashtra, lies a project that epitomises the perfect blend of architectural excellence and interior design finesse. This case study delves into the captivating journey of Mr. Apurva's residence, a testament to the expertise of Ongrid Design, a renowned kamshet architect firm. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to creating spaces that harmonise with the client's lifestyle, Ongrid Design has crafted two distinctive design concepts for this air bnb home design, supported by a comprehensive set of civil drawings, elevations, 3D photorealistic renders, and technical drawings.

The Canvas: Plot and Purpose

Situated on a generous plot, Mr. Apurva's residence presented an opportunity to create a living space that encapsulates luxury, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The design process began with a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and aspirations, taking into account factors such as plot size, orientation, and the desire for a home that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. This approach is similar to the one taken in the Karnataka Mangalorean Modern Home Design, where Ongrid Design crafted a home that harmonised with the client's lifestyle and the surrounding landscape.

Concept 1: Classic Opulence

Elevation Design: A Grand Entrance

The first concept, Option 1, boasts a classic opulence that is evident from the very first glance at its Indian elevation design. The grand entrance foyer sets the tone for the rest of the home, promising a regal welcome to every visitor. The house front valuation is a perfect example of how Ongrid Design has incorporated elements of building valuation design to create a striking first impression, much like the Duplex in Coimbatore project, where the elevation design played a crucial role in creating a memorable entrance.

Interior Design: Spacious and Sun-kissed


Key Features

Living Room

- Double-height ceiling

- East-facing for ample natural light

- Spacious layout for family gatherings


- Southeast orientation for morning light

- Modern and well-equipped

- Ideal for preparing healthy meals

Dining Area

- Adjacent to the kitchen

- Intimate yet inviting

- Perfect for shared meals and laughter

Ground Floor Bedroom

- Southwest location for peace and quiet

- Vastu-compliant for a sound sleep

- Attached personal toilet for convenience

Caretaker's Room

- Separate toilet for privacy

- Thoughtfully placed for comfort

The interior design of Concept 1 showcases On Grid Design's expertise in creating spacious and sun-kissed living spaces. The double-height living room, with its east-facing orientation, ensures ample natural light and a feeling of grandeur. The kitchen and dining area are thoughtfully placed to promote a seamless flow of energy and encourage family bonding. These design elements are reminiscent of the Hyderabad Farm House project, where the interior spaces were designed to maximise natural light and create a sense of openness.

Exterior Charm: A Tranquil Oasis

The exterior of Concept 1 is just as impressive as its interior. The swimming pool, set on the east side, offers a tranquil escape from the warm summers. The home elevation design incorporates elements that harmonise with the surrounding landscape, creating a visual treat for the residents and visitors alike. This attention to exterior charm is also evident in the Vernacular Style Duplex for Mr. Satya in Hassan, India, where the elevation design seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings.

Concept 2: Modern Twist

Elevation Design: Contemporary Flair

Option 2 presents a modern twist on the traditional Indian front elevation design. The latest building elevation techniques are employed to create a façade that is both eye-catching and functional. The use of clean lines, contemporary materials, and glass railings adds a touch of sophistication to the overall 3d elevation design double floor. This contemporary flair is reminiscent of the Effortless Home Design: Mr. Kunwar's Journey with Ongrid project, where modern design elements were seamlessly incorporated into the elevation.

Interior Design: Open-hearted Spaces


Key Features

Living Room

- Generous space for socialising

- East-facing for vitality and harmony

- Contemporary style with comfortable seating


- Southeast location as per Vastu

- Modern culinary studio

- Efficient layout for easy meal preparation

Dining Area

- Adjacent to the kitchen

- Perfect for family dinners and quick bites

- Inviting ambiance for creating memories


- Personal retreats for rest and rejuvenation

- Attached toilets for privacy and convenience

- Vastu-compliant for restful nights

Lounge Area (First Floor)

- Versatile space for family time

- Overlooking the swimming pool

- Comfortable seating options

Concept 2 embraces open-hearted spaces and a contemporary style, much like the Professor's Journey to Building His Dream Home project. The living room, with its generous space for socialising and east-facing orientation, promotes vitality and harmony. The kitchen and dining area are designed to encourage family bonding and create lasting memories. The bedrooms serve as personal retreats, offering privacy and comfort.

Exterior Allure: Open Skies

Concept 2 embraces open skies and seamless indoor-outdoor living. The swimming pool, now positioned to the south, offers a refreshing respite from the heat. The house elevation design incorporates elements that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, creating a visual appeal that is both modern and timeless. This approach to exterior design is similar to the one taken in the Design Your Dream Luxury Villa with Online Home Design Services by Ongrid project, where the outdoor spaces were given equal importance to create a holistic living experience.

Material Selection and Aesthetic Appeal

Both concepts pay great attention to material selection and aesthetic appeal. The use of natural materials, such as stone and wood, adds warmth and character to the spaces. The colour palette is carefully chosen to create a soothing ambiance, while the furniture and décor elements are selected to enhance the overall interior design experience. This meticulous approach to material selection is evident in all of Ongrid Design's projects, as seen in the Unlock Home Design Potential with Ongrid Experts page.

Vastu Compliance: Harmony and Well-being

Ongrid Design understands the importance of Vastu principles in creating a harmonious living space. Both concepts have been meticulously crafted to adhere to Vastu guidelines, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the residents. From the placement of rooms to the orientation of the building, every aspect has been considered to create a balanced and positive energy flow. This commitment to Vastu compliance is a hallmark of Ongrid Design's approach, as showcased in their 50 Unique Duplex Elevations in 2024 collection.

The Guest Experience: Comfort and Luxury

As an air bnb home design, Mr. Apurva's residence has been designed with the guest experience in mind. The spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and luxurious amenities ensure that every guest feels welcomed and pampered. The attention to detail, from the coffee table placement to the natural light that floods the rooms, creates an ambiance that is both inviting and memorable. This focus on the guest experience is a testament to Ongrid Design's commitment to creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also feel comfortable and welcoming.


Mr. Apurva's Manor residence is a testament to the expertise and creativity of Ongrid Design. With two distinct design concepts, each offering its own charm and appeal, the project showcases the firm's ability to craft spaces that harmonise with the client's lifestyle and aspirations. Whether it is the classic opulence of Concept 1 or the modern flair of Concept 2, the residence stands as a shining example of architectural excellence and interior design finesse.

As a kamshet architect firm, Ongrid Design has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating living spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and comfortable. The use of natural light, contemporary style, and thoughtful material selection has resulted in a home that is both elegant and inviting.

For those seeking inspiration for their own small house elevation designs or house valuation designs, Mr. Apurva's residence serves as a rich source of ideas and possibilities. The project showcases how a good idea, coupled with expert execution, can transform a living space into a work of art.

In conclusion, Mr. Apurva's Manor residence is a shining example of what can be achieved when architectural vision meets interior design expertise. It is a project that will undoubtedly inspire and delight all those who have the privilege of experiencing its beauty and comfort. For more information on how Ongrid Design can help bring your dream home to life, visit their Architecture Services page.

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