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What is Small Home Design?

85% of Small Homes are 2 Bedrooms with 1200 sqft of footprint. Typically on plots less than 40 feet x 30 feet. So, you've decided to go with a small home design. That's great! You'll be able to save money and still get all of the things you want in a house.

Challenges faced in a Small Home Design

Badly Placed Furnitures

If there's too much furniture in one room, or if it's placed in awkward ways

Poor Lighting

It's important to have good lighting throughout your house

Vastu Irregularities

Contraints in Areas leads to poor directional use of space

Lack of a Balcony

No residents can relax outside their homes.

Poor Airflow

Track the progress on site by cross checking with the blueprint.

Inadequate Storage

for personal items and household goods.

Why do small home need an online home design solution ?

Small land owners and individual home builders have limited resources. This means that they need to make several compromises and make do with what they have. However, one area in which they can’t afford to compromise is living experience, as it directly impacts their quality of life. That’s why small home projects need to use online home design solutions.

Features of Ongrid's Blueprints

Detailed Floor Plans

Ongrid provides floor plans with interal furniture placing. Vastu and Climate Science compliant

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Realistic Visuals

Our 3D views are produced with Advanced Design Tools. They exceptionaly photorealistic.

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Structure Design

Our Designs are built for Indian Building Code that meet highest safety standards.

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Plumbing Design

Your Toilets, Kitchen and any wet space gets detailed fresh & waste water management systems

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Electrical Design

Future proof the design with electircal wiring and utilty sockets. Our blueprints carry all details

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Material Specifications

Every Size, Type and Style mentioned in our blueprint are detailed for local availibilty of the material. Save Cost

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Customer Stories & Resources

Mr Srinivas

Our Power User of Advance + Blueprint service to develop his farm house in Telengana.

Mr Satya

Leveraging Internet to develop a detailed Sustainable home admist Coffee plantaions in Karnataka


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Wanted a classical theme sloped roof house for my parents. They provided good planning options.

Roshan Sequiria

Quick and Responsive team. I had my bungalow designed by them.

Aditya Nath

Wanted to understand the best option for my 60 x 70 plot. They provided options at great prices.

Suresh Tari

They helped design my appartment style duplex home. They provide good plans.

Hiremath Sadaqshari

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