What is Online Home Design & How can you use it in India

Online Home Design

Online Home Design is a service that allows you to design and develop over the internet. Over the last decade, India has undergone a digital revolution – more people & families (than ever before) now have access to high-quality internet. This has made it possible for home owners to use Online Home Design as a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional local designers.

Ongrid's service

A Design Service like Ongrid allows family owners to connect with Experienced Award Winning Designer and manage their projects efficiently. It comes with features like Custom Floor Plan, 3D Visualisation, Blueprints, and more that help families home project development. Online design service also enable remote work & allow you to run & manage your project virtually.

How It Works

To Avail any Service or Products under Ongrid. There are 3 Steps to Success

Posting your Requirments

We need to understand the current state of land/plot/building/room. You can do that by sharing relevant images, videos or drawings that will apply to you on our Official Whatsapp or Registered E-Mail.

Connect with your dedicated Expert

Based on your selection of Service like Interior Design, Floor Plan or Complete Home Design. Your files and drawings are developed in our studio. Each stage sent to you for review upon which next stages are developed. Speak to our Expert to learn More

Start work on site using Blueprints

After a design is developed, you recieve a soft copy of 2D Technical Drawings, 3D Visuals of Photo Realistic Renders and a complete Material Selection List. The design set contains NBC standard level of Information that enables any certified contractor across India to work from them.

Features of Online Home Design

Identify Challenges

Our Design Development allows you to validate multiple ideas before optimising for the best results.

Compare Designs

All our services include multiple draft options that allow you to choose and select your favourite.

Video Call with Expert

We include a call with your dedicated design expert during every phase of the project. Discuss and Understand design better.

Freedom to Change

Every stage of developement encourages your reivews. You can modify the design at eveery stage.

Licensed Professionals

Our Experts are registered by Council of Architecture, India to provide you with authentic building design solution.

Quick Development

Our Quick on-boarding to design development allows you to kickstart work on site in matter of weeks.

A3 Hardcopy

Every completed project is shipped with a scaled print copy containing the enitre blueprint of design.

Large Design Library

Now review designs of other customers and similar projects. All available on our website dashboard.

NBC 2016 Compliant

Our Blueprints cover all necessary Material Information. Techinical Measurments and Design Safety Measures.

Trusted By

ongrid is one of the best website to get your home designed and developed. They are always ready to help you with any type of query or changes that you want to incorporate while designing your house.

Rituraj Chauhan

Connecting with ongrid has been a pleasant experience. They have been quick in responding to our queries and have been quite helpful throughout the planning process. We look forward to working with them in future too

Anubhav Paul
West Bengal

I had a great experience with ongrid. The staff is very cooperative and helping throughout the process of designing. I am really happy to have a very nice home plan with me.

Subrat Mohapatra

Their in house architect has a good understanding of the plot and helped us with the design.

Ashok Lekar

Thank you for your service. I was able to get a blueprint without any hassles and I am now going ahead with the construction of my home.

Ritwik Saha
West Bengal

Connecting with ongrid allowed us to develop a detailed home plan with all neccessary blueprints. Thery were quick and we are happy with their service.

Nirajan Mishra
Uttar Pradesh

Connected with ongrid to get the home plan for my native place. They were quick and we are happy with their service.

Lobina Dutta

Hi, I am Sagar from Pune. I have purchased a house plan from their website and found it very useful for my project. Their team is very helpful in suggesting changes to the existing plan. I would recommend their services to everyone planning to buy house plans from them.

Sagar Thakar

This was my first time designing a house, and I must say it was quite helpful. The team that worked on my design was quick to respond and they made sure that even the minutest of details were correctly incorporated in the plans.

Samay Sangad

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Advantages of Using Ongrid's Online Design Service

Lower Cost

Online Design Services cost less than conventional local designers since the service is accessed over the internet.

No Waiting Time

No Traffic and appointments. No Time of work. A modern design solution that can be accessed via any laptop or a mobile phone.

Simplet to Set-up

You can have your Ongrid Design Service up and running in 30 mins. That’s it!

Remote Ready

Online Design Service are flexible in nature and can be easily used to power a remote project in addition to on-premise teams.


No special team required to manage your home project. Just add service as you progress. We will manage the additional design request.


All our design communications and solutions can be encrypted end-to-end, making it secure.

100% Customisable

Integrate seamlessly with leading Contractors and Vendors in the market. Customise the design to match on-site contraints.

Exhaustive Information

Get key meaurements, understand performance and optimize your designs with Ongrid.

Dependable Solution

Our Solutions are crafted by experts with 15 years of on-field experience. They make sure your solutions deliver results.


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Online Home Design. As the name suggests, it is a Internet based design service that enables the development of design blueprints with Certified Architects and Professional Interior Designers. Speak with an Expert

Online Home Design Solutions are simple to use and set up, cost-effective, have quicker delivery, offer better scalability than other loccal design solutions, and offer better security.

The disadvantages of a online home design solutions are dependence on internet connectivity and no accessibility in areas with low internet penetration.

There are four types of Online Home Design Services: 

Floor Plan Design, 3D View for Elevations, Complete Blueprint Design and Interior Design

Any individual home owner with a project to design and build stands to benefit from using a online home design service.

The fundamental drawing that is developed by Certified Architects to justify space planning, orientation and placement of furnitures, along with other key elements like doors and window. Learn more

3D views are computer generated models that are developed to help you visualise details about the project. Learn More

All you need to start your online home design service is a stable internet connection, and a computer (a smartphone or a desktop).

Ongrid uses CAD tools to develop 100% accurate design solutions that can be cross checked with Total Station Surveys or Manual Site Measurements.

Ongrid provides solutions from certified professionals and is a member of leading verfying Councils. IGBC-LEED Memebr and COA, India

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The Ongrid Advantage

Award Winning Firm

Winner of ArchDias 2019, International Design Competion

Transparent Policies

No Hidden Terms to disrupt project progress. Our service ensures success

Leading 3D Tools

Photo-Realistic A1 Grade Visualisation to check evey detial of the design

Large Design Library

100+ Published Videos, Articles on Designs of various sizes and scale

Quick Turnarounds

Kickstart your project in matter of weeks and not months.

Access to Field Experts

Connect and Discuss your challenges with our design experts.

Compare Traditional Design Solutions with Ongrid

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