AD Event 2022 in Mumbai: Highlights and Insights from the Leading Architecture and Design Conference


The AD Event 2022 in Mumbai was a highly anticipated conference for professionals in the architecture and design industry. As an architecture firm, we were excited to attend and learn from some of the most respected experts in the field. Here is a recap of our experience at the event, including the highlights and insights that we gained.


One of the standout highlights of the AD Event was the range of speakers and presentations that were offered. We had the opportunity to hear from leading industry professionals from around the world, who shared their insights and experiences on a wide range of topics.

lighting design at AD Mumbi 2022

Another highlight was the exhibition hall, where we were able to see the latest products, materials, and technologies from top companies in the industry. It was a great opportunity to get a hands-on look at the innovations that are shaping the future of architecture and design.


One of the key insights that we gained from attending the AD Event was the importance of sustainability in the industry. Many of the speakers and presentations focused on ways to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and create more sustainable communities. This was a timely reminder of the need to prioritize sustainability in all of our work.

Modern Texture Paint Design

Another insight we gained was the power of collaboration in the industry. We were inspired by the stories of successful collaborations between architects, designers, and other professionals, and how they were able to achieve greater results through teamwork and partnerships.

Soft Furnishing Decor


Overall, the AD Event 2022 in Mumbai was a valuable and enriching experience for our firm. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and connect with our peers. We look forward to applying the insights and lessons that we learned at the event to our work and continuing to grow and evolve as professionals.

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